anti ddos service

r00tProxy & r00tNAT

  • HTTP & HTTPS Reverse Proxy
  • Network Layer DDoS Protection up to 20Gbps and 4Mpps
  • Up to 1TB Clean Traffic Included
  • Layer 7 DDoS Filtering
  • Instant PCI DSS Compliance
  • r00tBooster
  • Acceleration By Caching
  • SEO Friendly
  • Saves Hardware Resources
  • PoPs in Europe and the USA
  1. All-in-One DDoS Protection Service

    With our remote anti DDoS protections your website is protected from each and every kind of DDoS attack. That includes but isn't limited to UDP, SYN, ACK, ICMP, HTTP and DrDoS attacks. Our enterprise DDoS protection services also offer custom ACLs and filtering rules.

  2. HTTP(S) Acceleration

    r00tProxy speeds up your website's performance by caching static content, such as HTML, images, JS, CSS and serving it directly from the r00tProxy network instead of your server. SPDY for HTTPS is also supported. SPDY is a new method to speed up the HTTP(S) protocol significanly and you'll be able to benefit from it with r00tProxy+.

  3. Cost-efficient Anti DDoS Solution

    r00tProxy systems for DDoS protection are cheaper than most other offers and, due to the caching feature, save you traffic costs and reduce your server load by up to 60% or even more, depending on your website. Our state of the art RioRey anti DDoS firewalls are fully adaptive and can detect and block even unknown 0day DDoS attacks.

DDoS Protection Services Overview of Anti DDoS Protection Services

Anti DDoS Protection for Websites Anti DDoS Solution to protect websites from DDoS attacks

Do you know that DDoS attacks are one of the biggest threats in the online world to date? Every single day small and large DDoS attacks hit and interrupt online services all over the world, such as websites, game servers, mail servers and any other kind of service that is available through the internet. A DDoS attack can cause great damage to an online business that depends on the availability to its users. You can watch DDoS attacks live on sites like, although that only reflects a fraction of the DDoS attacks that are happening right now. If the online service you're running is worth anything to you, you should make sure to protect it from cyber attacks such as DDoS before it's too late and your business and your customers suffer from its effects. DDoS attacks can have many reasons, be it competition between websites that want to get rid of the other, political differences or simply trolls causing havok or targeting a service as some sort of protest. The banking and Bitcoin industry is also very prone to DDoS attacks, because some people could benefit financially from interrupting a service. Many operators of online services assume that the chances that they're being hit by a DDoS attack are low, but they could be wrong. Something as simple as a user getting banned from a forum can result in the forum being "DDoS'd" by the user who was banned - we've seen this happen many times. The long outages caused by DDoS attacks can result whole forum communities or businesses getting destroyed. It is strongly recommended to protect your online service from DDoS attacks right from the beginning to have peace of mind and avoid unnecessary downtime. r00t-Services offers two different main products to protect services from DDoS remotely. One is called "r00tProxy". It is based on HTTP reverse proxy technology and is optimized for the protection of any service that uses the HTTP protocol, such as a website. The second main product line is called "r00tNAT", which is based on NAT technology to forward network packets 1:1 from one IP to another. r00tNAT can be used to protect any service that is based on something other than the HTTP protocol, such as all sorts of game servers, mail servers, FTP servers, DNS servers and anything else really. With both main product lines you'll receive a DDoS protected IP that forwards the clean and filtered data packets to your hosting servers. All the bad traffic, such as DDoS, is being scrubbed on our end and only the clean traffic remains and will be forwarded to your application server, so it can respond to it. With r00tProxy it is also possible to see the real visitor IPs by using X-Forwarded-For headers, while with r00NAT every user will appear to have the same IP, which is the DDoS protected one from r00t-Services. Unfortunately it is technically not possible to avoid this and it's the same with any other remote DDoS protection service. is specialized in DDoS mitigation and there is no other company that offers the same level of personal support, professional service and low pricing at once. If you're not convinced yet, you can try our anti DDoS solutions for free for up to 3 days. Do do that, simply order the product you want to try without paying the invoice after checkout and then instead open a ticket, asking for a free trial.

anti ddos services
What you get from us

Our r00tProxy and r00tNAT remote DDoS protection service protects your website from all kinds of DDoS Attacks on network and application layer (only with r00tProxy+) and accelerates it by caching of static files. These attack types include every kind of SYN flood, ACK flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood and HTTP GET/POST flood, no matter if spoofed, reflected or direct. r00tNAT is meant to protect other services, such as game or mail servers from DDoS attacks.

ddos protection service
How it works

The system works by pointing your domain name to a r00tProxy IP, which filters all the bad traffic at our end and forwards only the clean HTTP(S) traffic to your server. Static files (such as images) are being cached on the r00tProxy system for a few hours and directly served from the r00t-Services anti DDoS network instead of your backend server, accelerating your website and reducing the load and traffic on your server.