anti ddos linux

Anti DDoS Proxies

  • Port 80/443 forwarded
  • Layer 3-4 protection up to 20Gbps and 10m PPS
  • Up to 2TB clean traffic included
  • Layer 7 filtering
  • Instant PCI DSS Compliance
  • r00tBooster
  • Acceleration by caching
  • SEO friendly
  • Saves traffic costs
  • Saves hardware resources
  • Available in the EU and the USA
  1. All-in-One Protection

    With our DDoS protections your website is protected from each and every kind of DDoS attack. That includes, but isn't limited to, UDP, SYN, ACK, ICMP, HTTP and rDDoS attacks.

  2. Acceleration

    The Anti DDoS Proxy speeds up your website performance by caching static content, such as HTML, images, JS, CSS and serving it directly from the proxy instead of your server.

  3. Cost-efficiency

    Our proxy systems are cheaper than most other offers and, due to the caching feature, save you traffic costs and reduce your server load by up to 60% or even more.

Product Overview Overview of Anti DDoS Proxies

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Are you suffering from DDoS attacks or do you want to prevent them before they occur? Do you want to accelerate your website? Do you think most anti DDoS solutions are over-priced or you simply can't afford them? We have the solution for you!

anti ddos

What you get

Our Anti DDoS Proxy system protects your website from all kinds of DDoS Attacks on network and application layer (only with the advanced proxy) and accelerates it by caching of static files. These attack types include every kind of SYN flood, ACK flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood and HTTP GET/POST flood (only with the advanced proxy), no matter if spoofed, reflected or direct.

ddos protection

How it works

The system works by pointing your domain name to a proxy system, which filters all the bad traffic at our end and forwards only the clean HTTP(S) traffic to your server. Static files (such as images) are being cached on the proxy system for a few hours and directly served from the proxy instead of your backend server, accelerating your website and reducing the load and traffic on your server.