JavaPipe Launches 1Gbps Unmetered Linux VPS

JavaPipe, provider of DDoS preventive products and exclusive cloud based Java hosting solutions, declared that it has released VPS with unmetered bandwidth web hosting accounts.

JavaPipe suggests that their latest 10Gbps unmetered VPS plans in addition to their 1Gbps VPS plans will support all sorts of heavy targeted traffic applications and websites, while also protecting against DDoS attacks. From streaming to hosting big documents , targeted traffic web sites serving audio, online video, pictures or application downloads will not have to keep in mind possibility of paying hidden added fees for exceeding bandwidth quota.

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How To Block WordPress XML-RPC DDoS Attacks With NGINX

Blocking WordPress XML-RPC DDoS Attacks With NGINX

A WordPress XML-RPC attack is a type of HTTP layer 7 DDoS attack that abuses the XML-RPC API of WordPress based websites to send HTTP GET requests to a victim’s web server in order to overload and crash it. This type of application layer attack is a relatively common part of layer 7 attacks, because a lot of people who run WordPress websites keep Pingback and Trackback features enabled, which ensures the bad guys always have enough vulnerable WordPress servers available to initiate this type of attack against an unprotected victim. Continue reading